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Kaleidoscope Preschool understands that 90% of a child's brain development occurs by the age of 5.  Preschool aged children are curious and need opportunities to explore, create, build, experiment, socialize, and learn about their world and their place in a safe and engaging environment.
At Kaleidoscope the teachers and staff get to know your child, how your child learns, what your child wants to learn about, and how to meet your child's individual needs.  We understand how much children learn through play and socializing with their peers. Children learn best by doing - by sharing ideas and experiences with others, learning cause and effect with hands-on explorations, and seeking out answers based on what interests them.  Kaleidoscope provides nurturing and creative programs for children to satisfy their curiosity and to grow academically, physically, artistically, and socially.
The Kaleidoscope KinderPrep Program is for 4-year old children preparing for kindergarten.  Structured and unstructured play are essential components of all of our programs.  In KinderPrep students build and expand on what they have learned academically and socially from their previous preschool experiences.  The students continue to learn the importance of practicing respect, empathy, and kindness.  Pre-literacy skills are explored with the knowledge of letter sounds to build phonemic awareness and sight words are introduced. The students practice proper letter formation by writing all of the letters of the alphabet, and they continue to strengthen their fine motor skills by writing their first and last names with upper and lowercase letters.  Math, science, and social studies themes are explored with hands-on activities that make learning interesting and fun.  Social skills continue to be modeled, practiced, and reinforced as the students work together in small groups and strengthen coping and problem-solving skills.
We look forward to being a part of your child's learning adventure.