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Kaleidoscope understands that 90% of a child's brain development happens by age 5 [1]. At the Preschool age (3 year olds), children are exploring and have a lot on their mind. Kaleidoscope offers a variety of ways to encourage multiple skill developments. From swinging to coloring, the children are actively engaged. Children will meet new friends, which might become life-long friends.

As the children transition into the Kinderprep program (4 year olds), it is the beginning of basic school structure. Children will be enthusiastic to write all the letters of the alphabet as well as some basic math, science and social studies. The program is so fun, most of the time they do not know they are learning. You will be surprised at the information that comes home.

Every month, there is a new theme to help incorporate the skills the children will be learning. The children are excited to come into a new world every month.

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