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Our Founder, Robin Soaré

While in High School, Robin wrote that she would become a business owner.  She accomplished that goal in 2015 when she opened Kaleidoscope Preschool.  She continued that goal when she founded and opened Kaleidoscope School in 2019. If Robin said she was going to do something, she did it.  No one was going to stop her, and if anything got in her way, she found a way around it.


Robin began living in Arizona at the age of one.  While attending public school, she was able to enroll at Westwood Traditional School (now Alhambra Traditional School, a precursor to the charter school concept) for her 6th through 8th grade years. Combined with spending her 11th grade year as an exchange student in Finland, a country recognized as having a strong education system, she was inspired in understanding the benefits of choices in education. 


Robin received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication at Arizona State University West in 1994.  Her first position, Human Resources, allowed her to learn several skills that would later help when starting Kaleidoscope Preschool and Kaleidoscope School: including developing job descriptions, training new employees, and coordinating company-wide employee events.  Her next position, security sales, continued building her skillset by allowing her to learn sales and project coordination.  In 2000, Robin returned to school, receiving her post-Baccalaureate degree in Elementary and Secondary education at the University of Phoenix.  


Robin’s teaching career started at Rancho Solano Private School teaching 4th-8th grades.  She learned how to work with different ages and adapt the curriculum accordingly.  During that time, Robin led the middle school team in integrating science, computers, and English classes successfully.  She was also key in incorporating multiple outings into the community, including adopting a class from Papas School for the Homeless.  After leaving Rancho Solano, Robin taught for 14 years at various charter schools. 


Robin taught 2nd through 8th grades in environments from classroom sizes of 15 to 36 children.  During this time, she learned the importance of co-teaching and collaboration.  In 2006, Robin received her Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum Development from the University of Phoenix. In 2006, she identified writing as an area of potential improvement in the 3rd grade class she was teaching and designed and implemented a successful new writing curriculum to improve writing skills, resulting in measurable improvements. 


In 2015, Robin opened a private preschool, Kaleidoscope Preschool, with one classroom, two children and a staff of 4.  Today it has grown to multiple classrooms with many children and a much bigger staff.  As the owner, Robin learned to make and stay within a budget, use marketing tools to reach the optimal number of customers, identify a location and negotiate a lease for the school’s facilities. 


Robin has always been a strong believer in school choice and the charter school system.  Her passion was offering a choice that provides a solid education through a positive school philosophy, highly qualified teachers, strong parental involvement, and a close partnership with the community.  In 2019 that passion became reality when she opened Kaleidoscope School.


Robin had a tragic ski accident on February 12th, 2023, one day short of her 51st birthday.  Robin’s mission for Kaleidoscope will be forever kept alive by those she inspired.   Kaleidoscope Preschool and Kaleidoscope School would be no more than a thought on paper without Robin’s determination and perseverance.  To carry on Robin's dream, Kaleidoscope Preschool and Kaleidoscope School will continue to support all children in becoming productive, responsible members of their communities while pursuing their passion as lifelong learners.