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Kaleidoscope Preschool understands that 90% of a child's brain development occurs by the age of 5.  Preschool aged children are curious and need opportunities to explore, create, build, experiment, socialize, and learn about their world and their place in a safe and engaging environment.
At Kaleidoscope the teachers and staff get to know your child, how your child learns, what your child wants to learn about, and how to meet your child's individual needs.  We understand how much children learn through play and socializing with their peers. Children learn best by doing - by sharing ideas and experiences with others, learning cause and effect with hands-on explorations, and seeking out answers based on what interests them.  Kaleidoscope provides nurturing and creative programs for children to satisfy their curiosity and to grow academically, physically, artistically, and socially.
Our preschool program is available for children who are fully potty-trained and 3 years old when they begin the program.  If your child is already 4 years old, or will turn 4 by September 1st, please select the KinderPrep program for your child.  Kaleidoscopes' Preschoolers learn what it means to be a part of a classroom community that respects and supports one another.  Students build responsibility and self-help skills with classroom jobs and character education lessons.  A different theme is explored each month with play-based centers and experiences that incorporate art, music, math, science, and social studies to gain knowledge of core concepts.  Letter names and their associated sounds are introduced to the students, and a love of reading is supported to build pre-literacy skills.  A variety of activities that build fine motor skills are used to support pre-writing abilities.  Proper pencil grip is practiced and children learn to write their first names when they are ready.  Social skills are developed as the students learn to cooperate, share, and learn from one another as friendships are formed amongst the students.
We look forward to being a part of your child's learning adventure.
The 2023-2024 preschool program is currently accepting students.
The 2024 - 2023 preschool program is currently taking registration forms to begin August 1st.