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Our Story

Kaleidoscope Preschool was founded by teachers that have a passion for educating children.  Its development spanned more than 10 years as a team of experienced educators created an innovative curriculum and program that teaches to the whole child.

At Kaleidoscope Preschool we support and nurture your child and provide a safe, warm and caring environment. We cultivate strong relationships with our students and parents and work in partnership to ensure the individual needs of every child are met.

Our educational philosophy is that social learning is as important as academic learning. We provide a balanced approach that teaches academic skills with hands-on, engaging learning opportunities and structured and unstructured play experiences. We understand that exposure to the arts is so important for children and provides a well-rounded education, so we include special instruction in Music, PE, Spanish and incorporate art and library experiences as well. 

Children thrive in our program because the learning is meaningful to them and they are able to share their ideas and express their creativity. We get to know your child and discover their level of skill development and learning styles to ensure academic, physical artistic and social growth. Kaleidoscope Preschool incorporates monthly themes and we seek student input for topics that interest them. We combine interesting and fun thematic instruction with proven curriculum and innovative teaching methods. 

Our programs would not be successful without a strong, creative, loving staff, a data-driven curriculum, and parental and community involvement. Our educators, administrators and support staff are qualified, innovative and dedicated professionals who care deeply about children. We have a love of teaching as well as learning. 

Our curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge Program.  This is a spiral curriculum from Preschool through 8th grade with each year of learning building on what has been learned and then expanding upon that knowledge. The Core Knowledge Sequence provides consistency throughout the most important educational years and emphasizes use of hands-on activities. 

Without the parents, Kaleidoscope Preschool would not be the school that it is.  We ask parents to become actively involved in their child’s education.  We also foster relationships with the community through monthly donation drives, school field trips and on-campus visits that help children understand that learning plays an important part in a much bigger world.

“At Kaleidoscope Preschool we take play seriously.”

About the Director

Kaleidoscope Preschool
My name is Tracy Lange and I am excited to continue in my role as Director of Kaleidoscope Preschool.  I am an Arizona native, and am married and have two incredible adult children that I respect and adore. I have been educating children for over 20 years in public, charter and private school settings.

My educational background is diverse with experience in both business and educational settings. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Arizona State University and my teaching certification from Rio Salado College. I have experience educating and administering preschool and elementary aged students and coordinating high quality enrichment classes. In addition to teaching, I have managed all aspects of program development and administration in the roles of Director of Early Childhood and Summer Program Coordinator. 

I am passionate about providing children with high quality, engaging early childhood experiences, and believe that the social and emotional development of children is equally important to their academic development. I also believe strongly in the essential role of guided discovery and play in the growth and development of young children. I look forward to a new year at Kaleidoscope Preschool!

About the Executive Director

Kaleidoscope Preschool
Robin Soaré has been teaching for over 15 years, with her MAed in Curriculum Development. She has a passion for education and has taught children of all ages from preschool to 8th grade. She believes in the advancement of children through the use of hands-on activities and enrichments.

Front Office Staff

Alisa Fields
Front Office Admin