Kaleidoscope Preschool

The 3’s Preschool Experience

Welcome to our 3’s Preschool.  Whether you are here only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or every day of the week, your child will learn so much during our time together.  To help understand the responsibilities and skills your 3-year-old preschooler will learn, let’s follow Sophie for a day in her class.

Sophie’s day starts off with Circle Time.  In Circle Time, she and the other children sit around in a circle, sing a song and welcome each other to the classroom.  After Circle Time is one of Sophie’s favorite activities: Calendar Time.  In Calendar Time, she gets to find out her job for the day, such as door holder or snack helper.  Today, she gets her favorite - line leader, where she has the responsibility of leading the students in a line when they go to activities.  She also gets to help the other students with more Calendar Time tasks, like figuring out the date, day of the week, weather and more.  Next, Sophie’s friend Jake, today’s snack helper, passes out the apple slices, napkins and drinks.

After snack break, the students get a chance to stretch their legs.  At this point, since the weather is nice, Sophie and her class head out for some outdoor play.  Sophie loves the swings, but today she plays with her friend Anya on the climbers.  Now that the students’ wiggles are out, it is time to get to the main activity of the day.  After returning to their room, Sophie and her class learn about rectangles.  They sit in groups at centers and color and cut out shapes, never realizing in all of the fun that all of this is work designed to build their fine motor skills.  Sophie had a great time yesterday, when she and her classmates got to paint their own "Starry Night" after learning about Van Gogh.

Finally, it is time for lunch.  Sophie and her friends wash their hands and get ready to eat.  After lunch, Sophie will say goodbye to her friends and head home.  Many of her classmates will stay, with another opportunity for play at lunch recess, developing those critical gross motor skills and enjoying some healthy exercise.  After recess, they will take part in today’s Enrichment Activity: Hands-on Science.