We have continually updated our health and safety procedures, policies and best practices to ensure we are following the guidelines and recommendations provided by the Governor’s Office, the Arizona Department of Health and the CDC. As new requirements or mandates are announced we will adjust our procedures to ensure Kaleidoscope Preschool continues to provide quality childcare and programs for children during this pandemic.

Here are some of the aspects of our overall plan for the 2020-2021 school year. As new requirements arise, we will adjust our plan for our Preschool programs.


  • Social Distancing

    • Two Preschool Rooms for 3-4 year old’s and two KinderPrep classrooms for 4-5 year old’s will be available for student use.

    • Student to teacher ratios will be based on social distancing guidelines in addition to square footage calculations. At this time, the maximum number of students in a room will be about half of our usual allowance.

    • One teacher will be assigned to each of the four onsite classrooms and one teacher will be assigned as an educator for distance learning online. Teachers and teaching assistants will be utilized on a rotational basis.

    • Student Check In/Check Out Procedures have been adjusted to adhere to social distancing requirements and health screening measures.

    • Students will remain in their own classroom groups as much as possible and transitions to other areas of the school will be more limited. (i.e. the music teacher will provide instruction in the classroom not the indoor activity area and one classroom at a time will use the playground).

    • Classroom tables are placed 6 feet apart and fewer children will be seated at each table for snack, lunch, centers, art, writing and other activities.

    • Placement of children for circle time and other group activities will adhere to social distancing guidelines.

    • Cots for rest time are placed 6 feet apart.

    • Social distancing recommendations during indoor and outdoor activities will be adhered to as much as possible with the understanding that preschool aged children will likely have difficulty retaining a 6-foot distance from one another during play.

    • Staggered drop-off and pick-up times will be implemented to assist social distancing measures during arrival and dismissal routines.

    • The hallway has been marked to indicate appropriate social distancing areas for adults while waiting for dismissal of children. The Student Check In/Check Out procedures outline social distancing measures in place in the classroom entry areas and other requirements for family members.


  • Everyday Preventions (Modeled, Practiced, Reinforced)

    • Increased hand-washing in the classroom will continue.

    • Proper hand-washing techniques will be taught in a variety of methods including fun, interactive videos, songs, hands-on demonstrations and personal modeling.

    • Proper techniques regarding sneezing, coughing and proper use of tissues will be taught directly.

    • Verbal reminders regarding the importance of not touching the face, eyes and mouth will be taught directly.

    • Resting items must be sent to/from school in a sealed bag labeled with your child’s first and last name. KPS will not provide blankets or soft items for students.

    • Cot sheets will be washed onsite daily.

    • Each child will use a pencil box labeled with their first and last name so that child specific writing and art items can be used as much as possible.

    • Families will provide lunches for their children in individual lunch boxes labeled with their child’s first and last name. A freezer pack must be used as lunches will not be refrigerated.

    • KPS staff will continue to wear gloves when serving snack and assisting students with opening/closing food packages. Until further notice only teachers and other KPS staff members will distribute snack or other food items (no student snack helpers).

    • Field trips and visits from members of the community will not be planned until deemed safe and appropriate.

    • The guidelines that are in place in August 2020 from the State of Arizona regarding the use of face masks for adults will be adhered to. Face masks will NOT be required for students by KPS. If parents decide they want their child to wear a face mask they will be provided with the KPS Face Mask Policy and children wearing masks will be responsible for the mask usage and verbally reminded of mask protocols.


  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

    • A frequent disinfection schedule for high touch surfaces will continue to be utilized.

    • The last hour of each day will be dedicated to complete a thorough cleaning and disinfecting process for classrooms, common areas and toys.

    • Containers with lids will be utilized for most classroom materials. Materials will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and rotated out of the classroom according to an established cleaning schedule.

    • Only materials that can be easily cleaned and sanitized will be used in the classrooms. Soft toys and materials have been removed from classrooms.

    • Sensory items that cannot be easily cleaned will be provided to each individual child rather than shared use of items (i.e. individual bags of play dough labeled with each child’s name).


  •  Screening Vigilance

    • Students, family members and all staff members will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms on a daily basis.

    • Temperature checks upon arrival for all family members and intermittent temperature checks while onsite will be maintained.

    • Health screenings through the Brightwheel program will continue. If a student or any family member arrives with or develops a symptom of Covid-19 they will be asked to return home and we will proceed according to our Control Measures policy.

    • Students who become ill during the school day will be provided with a face mask and isolated from others in the Director’s office. Parents will be contacted and asked to pick their child up within 30 minutes.

Frequent communication will be maintained with all families including posted notices, messaging via email and Brightwheel.